Intimates for every body type

Published by TIME 
March 30, 2022

Kim Kardashian Skims ad
CR: Courtesy of Skims

SKIMS, founded three years ago by celebrity mega-influencer Kim Kardashian as a disruptive “shapewear” startup, is now reinventing intimate apparel with an eye toward body-type inclusivity. Its sizes range from XXS through XXXXXL, and its garments are capable of stretching to twice their original size. An affordable price point—the average SKIMS panty ranges from $14 to $24—plus advertising campaigns featuring celebs like Kate Moss, Addison Rae, Paris Hilton, and more have turned the lineup into a big hit, helping the company reach a $3.2 billion-plus valuation this year (that’s double last year’s figure). The company also recently launched a swimwear collection, as well as collaborations with Fendi and Team USA. SKIMS’ secret, says co-founder Jens Grede, is a willingness to blow up the existing plan and shift to something new. “We are constantly looking for creative destructions,” he says. “How do we replace our business with something that is even more innovative for our customer?”